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These photos were taken in August 2003, on my 2nd trip with Karina to beautiful España!
Above, just a few of the people we met there - some unknown and some quite familiar to you.
Have a look!

I won't give a travel report here, but let me tell you that we met Alejandro again in the north
of Extremadura before taking off to Sonia's town. Here we met her family, and were checking
out how little Sergio, her nephew, was doing. The Gomez farm survived the big fire, thanks
to God and all the helpers! It would have been a pity to find that gorgeous place gone...

And who else did we meet? Dan Menzo! He's been traveling for his SIP around Spain and Italy.
Of course, we had to see him and went together to Badajoz to meet up again with Alejandro.

Por supuesto, the Germans went sightseeing: to Alburquerque (the one with an 'r'!) and Trujillo,
really old and really nice places. Well, you know about the land of the conquistadores, and the
true center of the world... But the rest of Spain is also worth some traveling: e.g. Segovia,
which is a nice town close to Madrid with a tremendous Cathedral an old Roman aqueduct.

OK, I'll shut up now. What am I, a travel guide?
See you and ¡hasta luego!


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