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The Wedding Planner

Weddings, weddings, and no end in sight... It's hard to keep track at this speed: recent 'goners' include Paola, Natalie, Yukiko, Pati, Steph Wilks, and Kamila Demkiewicz. Meanwhile taken as well: Mandie Feifer and Rhea Young. Did I miss someone?

Yes: Marie-France Ronald, Jorge, Zuzana, Lars, and Sonia!

Kids corner...

Future international students are on their way: good luck with those rug rats, Paola, Ronald, Zuzana, Marie-France, Natalie, Yukiko, and Sonia!

That makes 7 babies and 10 missed weddings ...

Dr. phil. R. Llopis!!!

Aachen. What a great title for a thesis: "Gramática Cognitiva e Instrucción de Procesamiento para la enseñanza de la selección modal: un estudio con aprendientes alemanes de español como lengua extranjera" ...

Someone read that stuff! A winner of the Premios ASESLE de Investigación para tesis doctorales 2010: Dr. Llopis!

New York. Columbia University and 5th Avenue shops rejoice: La princesa will grace Nueva York 3 more years until 2015 — congrats!

A Berlin Visitor...


Berlin. Who would have hoped to see this visitor again in Berlin?

2009 was actully blessed with visits back and forth...


Where to sleep and eat in Japan?

Nara. After the success of Anzai-san's Nara Cafe, there is no need to crush on her couch anymore... The new Nara Tree guest house just opened in October!

Mayumi at Nara Cafe

But who is this mysterious Bob/Rob guy...?

And who else popped out from nowhere? Yukiko! Not yet married, but allowed to... whatever. And back to school for some medical degree! Those crazy Japanese...

Here comes the bride... Pt. II Blahoprianie k svadbe!

Zuzana and Mišo

Komárno. Same occasion, different couple – this is becoming a wedding journal... Best wishes to Zuzana, who has started the lovely month of June with a wedding vow!

Thousands of men are devastated, but one... News from Slovakia reached us via the former biatch club members (these days are over!) Reyes and Raluca.

Here comes the bride... Pt. I ¡Felicitaciones!

Paola and Alessio

Luxembourg. It is true: Paola scored big time (Ecuador's soccer team didn't in the end...)! First one to get married of the Kalamazoo's international students: "and it was not easy for an Ecuadorian girl to marry a French guy of Italian nationality in Luxembourg."

The happy groom Alessio seems

just one head taller than Paola, that's pretty decent for an Ecuadorian-European couple.

A small wedding ceremony and party was held in Luxembourg on June 3, 2006. Even with the couple's families present --where's Diana?!-- the couple kept a loop hole open... We will have time to celebrate this event in Europe, where Paola will stay for at least two years.

Best wished from the Kalamatzo Gazette's editors!

There goes number one of the crazy K crowd... Number 2: Ronald!

Actually, Alex Rupp and Irena have been faster... and in 2008: Elizabeth aka 'Biz' Eule!

You An: New café now open!

Mayumi with YukikoNara. If you ever pass through Nara, Japan, stop for some traditional food in the You An, Miss Mayumi Anzai will serve you something special, I guess.


You might convince her to be your guide through the city as well...

K Reunion Brussels 2005

Brussels. "Long time no see!" Some for the first time since those glory days in Kalamazoo.

Six dwarfs managed to gather around Snow White Zuzana in Brussels, slept in her bed, ate from her plates... With Paola studying in Leuven, Reyes in Aachen, and Sonia in London many were close enough to visit Europe's capital (not speaking of the Germans).

Photos by Reyes, Lars, Karina and Frank are online!

Oops, they did it again: Biatch Club Reunion in Brussels!

Brussels. The infamous Biatch Club members Zuzana, Raluca and Reyes were seen again in Brussels. Complaints reached us from Mappa Mundo and other places... Read the true confessions of a princess and visit our glamour photo section..

From Japan: Rhea's pics

Oita. Short, but strong? If that ain't no Japanese! But, no, this is Rhea Young, who had been working in Japan from 2003 to 2006 and has returned to Michigan now. Look at some of her photos and look for some other crazy Japanese girls...

2000-2010: 10 Years After...

Kalamazoo. Arrival at K College: September 2000! Well, I keep getting younger. My life's been funny that way...

Kalamazoo College Virtual Tour

Kalamazoo. Take a trip down memory lane... or a walk at Google StreetView:

Bigger Map

Taking Care of Business...

Bonn. Actually, two businesses: a serious private challenge (see wedding countdown above), and the future of international higher education:

Mr Zimmermann

"After working for almost six years in the education industry, Academic Embassy's founder and managing director, Lars C. Zimmermann, decided to establish a recruiting agency specializing in higher education, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD programs, adhering to the highest standards."

Long Beach Beauty


Long Beach. From Philadelphia to California: Surprise meeting in Long Beach with Ms Feifer O'Brien in 2011!

Back in Michigan: Jorge Luna

Ann Arbor. More news from Jorge, who moved back to Michigan in 2007 in the Kalamatzo section of the

Class of 2003 ReunionUpdate: Obviously, Jorge was also the only one of us int'ls, who attended the official Kzoo homecoming 2008 — look around for pictures on facebook!

Photo with kind permission by Sonya Chapa Luna (!)

Office hours: Thursdays 10-12am

Passau. Dipl.-Kffr. Verena Schuck might be first choice to consult in the current global financial crisis.



Update 2017: Sad to learn about the passing of Verena... I'm thankful for meeting her back at K!

Verena Schuck
09.03.1981 – 27.12.2016


One night in Berlin: Meeting Lars on a business trip

Lars and Frank in BerlinBerlin. The editor took the chance to meet the associate director, Lars Zimmermann, on a business trip in Berlin. That's what business means to former K-students...

Life after school?

Well, for some people school never ends. Some try to get a life, some just hang around, I guess...
Recent research on the web brought up this:

Karina wrote a thesis on bestsellers (or look here!), finished her studies with a a second (!) thesis and took over Random House in Munich, Sonia is teaching English in Spain — to kids and her son!
Alejandro passed the competetives and is a teacher in Spain (whe he's not traveling the world),
Denise is working in México,
Frank, el alemán is done with his Christian Indians and is working,
José is teaching West Yorkshire, England, and is working on a master in education,
Lars has finished his thesis as well (though visiting the States und running a marathon), became 'Associate Director' (!) at the Academy for International Education (AIB) in Düsseldorf, and finished a 2nd degree! Now, on to new challenges at the Academic Embassy in Bonn,
Natalie (candidate for Miss Ecuador 2004!) got an MA and moved to Miami, and has a daughter!
Paola finished a masters program in Luxembourg and Leuven, Belgium (photos), moved to Luxembourg and has a son!, Patricia has been working for the past 3 years for Kraft Foods - no soup, but marketing - in Ecuador,
Raluca (funny hat!) has finished a thesis on
Socialism and Gender (In)Equality , and is busy publishing and talking, and finished her PhD in at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary: " Restructuring and Envisioning Bucharest. The Socialist Project in the Context of Romanian Planning for a Capital, a Fast Changing City and an Inherited Urban Space, 1852-1989" — congrats, Dr. Popa! She was last seen somewhere around Vienna and Bratislava,
Reyes worked in Aachen, Germany, for her PhD on the subjunctive (ist mir langweilig...), was online, and moved to Columbia... University, NYC!
Ronald, long lost in Africa (2004), back in 2006, now in merry old England building a family,
Zuzana moved to Brussels to owrk for the EU, and her daughter!

Aurélie back at the Zoo!

Paris. Trying to fix the messed up French-
American relations? Extraordinary embassador, Aurélie Trur-Nicli went on a mission - to Kalamazoo! Actually invited to a wedding, she took the chance to visit famous and infamous historical sights in Michigan and Illinois. >>> her photo trip report

After two internships in Washington, Aurélie graduated with a MA in management in the aerospace field in 2006 and later moved to Ottawa, CAN, for a job!


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