3 yrs later     Aurélie back at the Zoo  Fall 2004

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Where it all started...

Nothing much different at K, besides may be the the Quad stop is a temporay library but the smell has not left the place;-), another part of the library was put in one back room at Hicks, other than that I was surprised to see that the computer lab in Dewing closed at 10.00pm and no longer at 2.00 am!!!

And we encountered the same fat-cafeteria-food-fed squirrels! I took my mom to eat a cheescake at the Old Penisula downtown, and we walked there, on our way we dicoverd that the good place for cheescake on the street with big trafic at the border with the bubble limit was closed for refurbishment......that's the latest about KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK:-)


I went back to where it all started: the Zoo! yep, my mom took me to the US to the wedding of some of our friends in Indiana, and we went back to K, stayed with my former hostmom Lisa, even ate at an Amish restaurant, went to Chicago,...it was strange to be back because it seemed like yesterday, all my memories seems so recent when it has been more than 3 years! I really loved my birthday present, exactly four years ago we went to Chicago with the famour Mr Boyle!!!!!I needed a break from my thesis work ggrrrrrrrrr!

Same squirrel




Sweet Home Chicago...

At Lake Michigan



Did I make you nostalgic? :-)


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