Familie Lindekugel in Amerika / The Lindekugels in America

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The Lindekugel history

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Possibly coming from the Magdeburg area in Germany, the Lindekugels settled around 1800 as colonists in Neu Langsow external link, a village in the Oderbruch external link, land reclaimed from the river Oder during the regency of Prussian king Frederick II. Located in the former Prussian province Brandenburg, which is now one of the 16 states of Germany

In 1853, Johann Gottlieb Lindekugel, received permission to emigrate with his wife, kids, and widowed mother to Wisconsin external link in the United States. Along with him or shortly after traveled two of his sisters, married to Martin Düring and Gottlieb Hartwich. They arrived in New York on 29 April 1854.

34 years later, Johann Gottlieb's nephew, Friedrich Wilhelm (William) Lindekugel and his family arrived in New York on the ship Amalfi from Hamburg, Germany, moving on to Wisconsin as well.

Johann Gottlieb's son Carl (Charles) August Lindekugel later moved to South Dakota, starting the migration to the west. Eventually, the Lindekugels can be found in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, as well as in Arizona and California.

The families of the same name from Nebraska/Iowa and Washington don't seem to be related, but might have some connection in the 18th century.

In Germany, the descendants of Johann Gottlieb's brother, Johann Friedrich, were living in Neu Langsow and Alt Langsow until the 1970s. Frank Schulz, Johann Friedrich's great great great grandson, now lives in Potsdam external link, Germany.

Stammbäume / Pedigrees

The Lindekugels

  1. Descendants of Johann Gottfried Lindekugel (†1823)
  2. The Lindekugels in America
  3. The German Connection...

2 Spuren... / 2 traces...

  1. Wilhelm (William) Lindekugel
  2. Johann Gottlieb Lindekugel



Descendants of Johann Gottfried Lindekugel: Johann Gottlieb + William

In August 2006, I discovered the birth records of a Friedrich Wilhelm Lindekugel, born 21 October 1850. This let me find the mistake in William's birth date gathered from the cemetary records external link (27 May 1850). Since the 1900 Census also has October 1850, I came to the conclusion that Friedrich Wilhelm and William are one person, which made the merge of the two branches above finally possible:

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(image below starts with Johann Gottfried's son, Gottlieb)

descendants gottlieb lindekugel


The Lindekugels in America

Combined list of all Lindekugels from Brandenburg, Germany, and their relatives I've found (incl. people who don't descend directly from William or Johann Gottlieb.

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Gottlieb Lindekugel

First findings in Prussian emigration records

The Prussian emigration records in Potsdam (also available online for a charge through ancestry.com) brought me farther back to the first Lindekugel immigrant in the USA: Johann Gottlieb Lindekugel.

Meine Notizen aus den Auswanderungsakten. / My notes from emigration records.

An attempt to combine my data from emigration records and parish register
with Sylvia Holt's, and Bill Taylor's:

Print version (24 June 2006)



William Lindekugel

Easter 2006: The discovery of Mary Dorothy Sillack's obituary on the internet led me to William's descendants and thus to the first traces of Lindekugels in America.

william lindekugel



The German Connection: Where do I fit in?

Well, the Lindekugels of today, in America and Germany are definitely connected through a common ancestor (the same village Neu Langsow is a good start). The proof of this link, however is still missing, but here's my educated guess:

Johann Gottlieb *1820, who emigrated to Wisconsin around 1853, had a brother, Johann Friedrich *1826, who continued the line in Germany and is my great-great-great grandfather! Moreover, Johann Friedrich's son Friedrich Wilhelm seems to be the William Lindekugel *1850, who as well emigrated with his family to America in 1887.



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