Bruce Springsteen
Song Concordance & Reference Guide

(work in progress)


american skin (41 shots) amadou diallo controversy 3

atlantic city 1

balboa park children of the border

born in the u.s.a. khe sanh

cadillac ranch cadillac ranch 2

devils & dust with god on our side

4th of july, asbury park 1

follow that dream follow that dream follow that dream

gipsy biker shut out the light

glory days baseball almanac

higway patrolman johnstown flood indian runner

johnny bye bye bye bye johnny

johnny 99 mahwah plant

last to die kerry speech 1971

light of day light of day

mansion on the hill a mansion on the hill

nebraska badlands 2

racing in the street dancing in the street street fighting man

sinaloa cowboys boomtown

the ghost of tom joad the grapes of wrath first shall be last the grapes of wrath tom joad

this hard land this hard land

thunder road thunder road 2

two faces two faces have i lou christie

youngstown 1

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