April 2008

Go Hornets!

That’s what they call ‘old school’, I guess…

On this occasion, an extra edition of the Kalamazoo Gazette was put online.

Happy birthday!

Bye bye Phantom…..

I’ve been at a concert by Wenzel in my hometown last night… a German singer/songwriter and accordionist. During the second part of the show, his accordion broke – a key just went mute – so he had to switch to keyboard and guitar for the rest of the night.

Now I know what that meant…

Tribute Video


Was lange w√§hrt… Good things come to those who wait! My first international job as ‘subcontractor’ for Schiemann Grafik Design took me about six months to finish: a home page for German-Italian photographer Uta Theile. Well, since Italians also invented slow food…