February 2008

… und hat den großväterlichen Obstbäumen modische Kurzhaarschnitte verpasst!

Ein Fest für passionierte SPIEGEL-Leser und Nachrichten-Junkies:

“Mit einem Klick zu den wirklich wichtigen Informationen: Der SPIEGEL startet die größte kostenfreie Recherche-Datenbank im deutschsprachigen Internet. SPIEGEL WISSEN liefert Ihnen mit einer einzigen Suchabfrage Bertelsmann-Lexikoneinträge, Wikipedia-Treffer und alle Artikel aus dem SPIEGEL-Archiv von 1947 bis heute.” (Spiegel Online)

Zugang zum Archiv über SPIEGEL Wissen.

Ausgenommen von der kostenfreien Suche sind die jeweils letzten beiden Ausgaben des Spiegel.


February 10: +12.0 °C / +53.6 °F

2008-02-08, Berlin, Columbia Club

Steve Earle and Allison Moorer back in Berlin! The beauty and the beast, sort of… but I’d rather go for the beast. Allison was fine, she really can sing — however, you have to like her kind of music. Dramatic country whining gets boring after two songs, her covers were better, but also too slick.

So, fast forward to Steve’s part: not very talkative at first, but in good mood and condition he fired his acoustic hits like a gun slinger. He’s got the power that a solo show needs to keep the attention up. And his more quiet songs remind you that he wrote some of the greatest ever: “Goodbye” (introduced as ‘same girl, different harmonica’) and the old “Billy Austin” were especially intense. This man knows how to sing with real feeling (and the greatest twang!).

But all that’s not new to the fans. The news came with part three of the show: though I was warned about ‘a loud DJ set’, it was still a surprising effect when Neil McDonald laid down his first beats. Very impressive! Truely ‘transcendental blues’ of the 21st century. Folk and blues songs turning into oriental mantras, urbanized bluegrass and country music. So, that’s the New York flavor added to Steve’s southern background! Hip hop beats and ethno elements very nicely capture the sound of this multi nation city and blend perfectly with Steve’s guitar and even banjo! Great music that you could almost dance to — this even might attract a younger audience that wouldn’t listen to old timey protest songs.

Allison also came back for a few duets and after two hours, Steve finally felt comfortable enough to talk a bit more during the encore. A very personal story about his sons, his dad, and fatherhood led into a final lullaby closing a great show.

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