November 7, 2007 — Berlin, Germany, Schiller Theater

WestThe greatest female singer/songwriter in country-blues-rock in a theater? A concert in chairs? I was very sceptic…But then, I had 4th row tickets, expected a more quiet show with a focus on that great voice, and was going to see her live again!

So, how was the show? Simply amazing! With the first slow songs of her new album, you understood the intention of playing here: a very attentive audience, no yelling, shuffling around, no beer or bathroom breaks — just her voice filling the room.

And how could one describe that voice? Well, she did rightaway when interrupting her first song to start again: “There are good cracks and bad cracks in my voice, that was a bad one!” But from there on she unveiled more and more of the ‘good cracks’. A goose bumps voice, rough and soft, broken and clear, and so powerful!

It’s funny, you listen to the saddest songs ever (“You want dark, I give you dark!”) — with a big grin on your face, ’cause it’s so beatiful!

As she was getting more and more into the show, Lucinda loosened up and enjoyed herself (she seemed not to in Hamburg before), talked about her songs and experiences. The band was amazing too: great guitars (Doug Pettibone shouldn’t sing, though), groovy bass and wondeful percussion and drums. Towards the end they really made some joyful noise!

Two hours — yes a long show — happy faces all around, on stage and in front of it!

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