PosterFatih Akin’s second ‘big’ movie after “Head-On” (Gegen die Wand) is definitely one of the best this year. Not as outstanding as the first (of a supposed trilogy), but more subtle, pensive. And once again, Akin proves his talent for casting fresh, but great actors!

At first view, he’s using known elements: Altman’s short-cut episode style, the German-Turkish theme, a love story… But then, one realizes it’s not really about Turkish immigrants, not really about Turkish politics (though it still is also about these things) — in the end there’s just a great movie about a universal generation conflict, love and forgiveness between kids and their parents. It’s the same story, from ancient times (Ibrahim/Abraham and Ishmael/Isaac to the 21st century, in Turkey and Germany — the same inner conflict, regardless of age or gender.