June 2006

The 25th of June — an important day in history? Because Ecuador is playing soccer against England today?

No! It was five years ago that frankenschulz had to wake up from a dream, finding himself on the Frankfurt airport, back in Germany — back from Kalamazoo!

In honor of this great anniversary, and in honor of this great place — well, let’s say the great people, we’ve met there — somebody should deliver a speech and a toast, right?

I’m not a good talker, so I went back to a better one and found a very appropriate poem by Carl Sandburg for you guys (note that it was already written in 1922!):

The Sins of Kalamazoo

The sins of Kalamazoo are neither scarlet nor crimson.

The sins of Kalamazoo are a convict gray, a dishwater drab.

And the people who sin the sins of Kalamazoo are neither scarlet nor crimson.

They run to drabs and grays–and some of them sing they shall be washed whiter than snow–and some: We should worry.

Yes, Kalamazoo is a spot on the map
And the passenger trains stop there
And the factory smokestacks smoke
And the grocery stores are open Saturday nights
And the streets are free for citizens who vote
And inhabitants counted in the census.
Saturday night is the big night.
Listen with your ears on a Saturday night in Kalamazoo
And say to yourself: I hear America, I hear, what do I hear?

Main street there runs through the middle of the twon
And there is a dirty postoffice
And a dirty city hall
And a dirty railroad station
And the United States flag cries, cries the Stars and Stripes to the four winds on Lincoln’s birthday and the Fourth of July.


No soccer!

(If You Love Your Uncle Same) Bring Them Home

written by Pete Seeger in 1965, and just released by Bruce Springsteen online:

If you love this land of the free
Bring them home, bring them home
Bring them back from oversea
Bring them home, bring them home