December 2005

X-mas time is movie time, right? I’ve watched a big one, “Out of Africa” by Sydney Pollack. Used to bore me, these kind of movies, but everything has its time…

Out of AfricaSo, the whole drama is about love and freedom, if and how they fit together in a relationship. Redford’s character stands for freedom above all things, and that’s why Meryl Streep loves him. He says, “I’m with you because I choose to be with you. I don’t want to live someone else’s idea of how to live.” But that’s not enough for two people to stay together, she feels lonely and neglected at times: “Why is your freedom more important than mine?” she asks. “It isn’t. And I’ve never interfered with your freedom.” “No. I’m not allowed to need you. Or rely on you, or expect anything from you. I’m free to leave.”

While they are trying to keep the real world outside, apart from their love, the magic gets lost along the way. Redford’s idea of freedom and “the best kind” of love, “the kind we wouldn’t have to prove,” is not working for her and them on a long term. And he? Must admit that she’s right in the end; with his ‘unique’ declaration of love: “You’ve ruined it for me, you know.” “Ruined what?” “Being alone.”

“29″ by Ryan Adams – this guy’s unbelievable! That’s his third (3rd!) album this year, and two of them are just great: “Cold Roses” and “29″ are awesome. Songs of breathtaking beauty and sadness….

(sorry, that’s in German, it’s on a book I’ve read)

Wie es leuchtetEndlich wieder zum Lesen gekommen und “Wie es leuchtet” von Thomas Brussig beendet. Na ja, waren ja auch 600 Seiten….

Fazit? Durchwachsen. Halt ein Brussig, d.h. man sollte nicht DEN Wenderoman erwarten, sondern eine Satire. Die startet ganz gut durch, mit ungewohnt ernsthaften Ueberlegungen und Beobachtungen des Autors zur Wende ’89. Liest sich auch ganz flott. Etwa ab der Haelfte des Romans tritt Brussig aber auf der Stelle, faellt in bekannte pubertaer-sexuelle ‘Abschweifungen’ zurueck, von denen man gehofft hatte, er haette sie hintersichgelassen.

Gegen Ende des Buches kriegt er nochmal die Kurve und wird deutlich praegnanter; die Ernuechterung aller, schon wenige Monate nach dem November ’89, wird sehr gut getroffen.

Dennoch, “Wie es leuchtet” wird wohl kein Klassiker werden… Vielleicht schafft das ja Ingo Schulze mit “Neue Leben” – schon jemand gelesen?

Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets Gary Jules “Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets” (2002) >>>

It’s a “Mad World” sure, but there’s a lot more…

Kenneth Lee Boyd, a convicted killer, was executed early today, becoming the 1,000th prisoner put to death since the United States reinstated capital punishment in 1976 [...].

The United States, a model civilization for the rest of the world? I doubt it, unless you prefer morals and laws from the dark medieval ages…

thou shalt not kill

70, and still not grown up…

Here are some quotes from one of my favorite movies, Deconstructing Harry.