Vamos Legal Aliens!


In intramural matches of volleyball, tennis, or softball, K's non-pros compete or just play for the fun of it. Even the teams' names express this attitude, the volleyball schedule lists the "Soviet National Team", "Who Cares", or the "Legal Aliens". The latter is a colorful bunch of people from all over the world, its members converse in no less than seven different languages.

The "Aliens" are the most diverse, most unprofessional and funniest volleyball team at K College. Originally formed by a group of roughly ten international exchange students, it also includes three Americans now. Asking "coach" and "sensei" Yukiko Yoshida, if this assortment causes any troubles or misunderstandings on the field, she denies problems, "As long as we are playing sports, it's not difficult." Her Japanese fellow Mayumi Anzai adds, " In Mexico we also played beach volleyball with natives who didn't speak English at all and it was fun."

Both girls explain that they like sports and see it as a "good way to get together" for students from different nations. Though they are playing for fun, they also admit that they "feel bad every time we're loosing". Yoshida: "It's impossible just to have fun. When we are playing we're kind of serious too; we don't laugh much in a game."

However, the team keeps on loosing so far, which might have reasons in their amateur status. Only two members have seriously played volleyball before, while American students "individually seem to be very good," so Yukiko Yoshida. Nevertheless, in a team many are not very organized. "We had to practice this in the beginning too. Explain the rules and everyone's position and job."
Today, in the middle of the quarter the practice consists more of actual playing. It has also decreased from its initial 3-4 times a week to one meeting. "It's hard too make a team," complains coach Yoshida, "if I don't do it, nobody takes responsibilities or would volunteer. Some feel very free to come to the games."

The games are fun even for the passive spectators. Sometimes the team still struggles with uncoordinated movements and actions, but one can notice the fun they have though. To see the "Legal Aliens" in action, you are welcome to see their next games (see schedule below) and cheer for what might become your favorite team on campus. Don't miss the pleasure to see eight nationalities fighting together for victory on the volleyball field. "When they get excited, they all use their own languages," promises Yoshida.


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Frank Schulz
April 26, 2001


I wrote this for my journalism class - not great, but kinda funny (this article!).


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