A friend has just published a new book of her photography, now available for ordering at http://www.uta-theile.com/

book coverUta Theile

The Art of Fishing / L’Arte Della Pesca

A Journey Inside Cinque Terre Fishing
A photo book, reportage style, with texts and stories about the ancient work, which struggles for its survival in a territory more and more exploited by tourism.

Un viaggio nella pesca delle Cinque Terre
Un libro fotografico, stile reportage, con testi e racconti del antico mestiere, che lotta per la sua sopravvivenza in un territorio sempre piĆ¹ sfruttato turisticamente.

The fisherman’s life is difficult and full of sacrifice, a existence dedicated to fishing in which work lasts both day and night and a private life only barely exists. With my photographs, I want to tell the story not solely of the hardships that this work implies, but also of the fascination it holds: the faces of fishermen as they tell their stories of a life at sea, the beauty and tranquility of dawn as the nets are lowered or raised, the joy of a good catch that repays their exhaustion … the passion and the art of fishing.