Back in Michigan!

from Alternatives to Domestic Aggression – ADA Staff:


Jorge Luna Cruz, is a native of Oaxaca, Mexico. He joined ADA team in 2008, and facilitates the Spanish speaking group NoMás with Bobbie Ebsen. He received his bachelor’s degree in Teaching Foreign Languages from Universidad Benito Juarez de Oaxaca. While studying his bachelor’s Jorge received a one year fellowship in Kalamazoo College in Michigan, in 2001. During this year, Jorge taught Spanish language laboratories at different levels. In the summer of the same year, Jorge participated in a teaching assistant internship in the San Diego Community College District, in California. He was a classroom aide for mildly to moderate mentally disabled Asian adults learning English as a Second Language.

In 2004, Jorge volunteered at a shelter for indigenous girls called Protección a la Joven de Oaxaca A. C. for two years. There he taught a 6 months EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course. With the support of other members of the shelter staff, Jorge also coordinated and carried out socialization activities, like dancing classes, and field trips, as a way of softening the social impact that the girls had from coming from their small communities from different regions of the state into the city of Oaxaca.

Right after college, in 2003, Jorge volunteered as a treasure assistant for the community of Santiago Zoochila, located in the mountains of the Sierra Juárez in Oaxaca, Mexico. During this year, Jorge also formed groups of teenagers and started different activities, such as, teaching them how to use computers, reforestation, talks for gender equity, and English tutoring for the ones attending middle school.

After going back to the city of Oaxaca, in 2004, Jorge became the local director of an exchange program that sends students that want to learn Spanish to Oaxaca. During the same year, Jorge became the manager of foreign affairs for a local publishing company, and also translated children books into Spanish. While having these two positions, in 2005, Jorge was nominated to be the president of his neighborhood’s committee, to deal with the wellbeing of the neighborhood in front of the Oaxaca City government and the State government. With this opportunity, Jorge coordinated activities related to community improvement, including security, health, social development, education, and infrastructure.

At the end of 2007, Jorge moved to the US and has been volunteering in the Ypsilanti Senior Center as a Spanish teacher for adults participating in a prevention of Alzheimer program. Also, he has been volunteering at the First United Methodist Church of Ypsilanti as a teacher in the ESL program of the church. He believes that lack of education in any field will put an individual in an enormous disadvantage within society.