Bob Dylan, Berlin, May 3, 2007. My sixth Dylan show in Berlin, and the first that
was disappointing… With each year he seemed to get better: great voice, focused vocals, tight band, new live arrangements. Well, his voice was there, and new arrangements en masse, but the much praised band was a bunch of individuals, lost in the deconstruction of songs. They never really found a way to play together that night (more against each other), noise and redundancy all night long. Bob’s county fair organ was as annoying as most of Denny’s guitar licks, Donny and Stu were merely staffage, Tony and George tried to keep the thing together in vain… A scatterbrain show.

I appreciate new ideas, as on “Desolation Row” (by the way, a good setlist at least) or “Watchtower”, but this time it just didn’t work out. And where there was no new arrangement tested (the whole concert seemed to be a test show and not one of the last in Europe), they failed to bring across the atmosphere from “Modern Times”.

Well, one bad out of six, that’s still pretty good for Dylan live shows…