February 2007

John R. Cash (Feb. 26, 1932 – Sept. 12, 2003)

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“You kinda took the social consciousness from folk music, and the gravity and humor from country music, and the rebellion out of rock ‘n’ roll. And taught all us young guys, not only was it alright to tear up all those lines and boundaries, but it was important.”
Bruce Springsteen, 1999

Raluca PopaEver interested in Contradictory (Feminist?) Locations: Revisiting the “East”/”West” Divide? (Soon to be) Dr. Popa gave one helluva presentation on this topic in Vienna 2005 — and we missed it! Obviously, it made her thirsty

And, damn, we missed her (probably great) talk on “Changing Images and Discourses on Women: Women’s Magazines in Romania, from 1965 to the present” in Graz 2006 as well…

“Houston, we have a problem!” Guys, V-day lies ahead… Just found this blog entry, The Secret to Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the Person You Love — the man knows what he’s talking about:

I don’t care about Saint Valentine. I too have fallen prey to the Greeting Card Association who have hyped V-Day to the point where it is the second largest card carrying holiday after Christmas. I think it’s stupid to follow the dictation of corporate entities for when I should buy things for the people I love.

But I’m not so stupid to think I can skip the holiday without hurting my significant other’s feelings. No matter how much she might say Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated, not doing something at all is much worse than doing something. Here are some suggested activities and/or gifts. >>>

Sale End by BanksyJust recently, I saw something about Banksy on TV. Didn’t knew him before. But what a great artist! Political graffiti with a fine sense of humor and sarcasm — finest urban street art… Banksy kicks ass!